About Us

Elevate is a family of innovators, technology experts, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

ELEVATE is a company providing innovation, growth and rapid experimentation tools for mature companies. ELEVATE has grown out from Garage48, which has, since 2010 been the frontrunner in helping to grow and shape a viable entrepreneurial community in Estonia and in the Baltics via open hackathons, ideation sessions and other extreme development formats. ​

We are certain, that tomorrow's success can only be achieved by applying radically new mindsets, management practices and tools to today's businesses. By taking the best out of both worlds- the agility, risk appetite and resourcefulness of startups and the structured approach, experience and resources of mature companies- and mixing them together, some magic can happen. This is what drives us at ELEVATE.

Our Team

Joao Rei
Business Developer at Elevate
Liis Narusk
co-founder and ceo of Elevate
+372 56 503 553
Niko Porkka
Strategist at ELEVATE

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