About Us

Elevate is a family of innovators, technology experts, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

ELEVATE is a company providing innovation, growth and rapid experimentation tools for mature companies. ELEVATE has grown out from Garage48 foundation, which has, since 2010 been the frontrunner in helping to grow and shape a viable entrepreneurial community in Estonia and in the Baltics via open hackathons, ideation sessions and other extreme development formats. ​

As of today, we have done over 70 hackathons and workshops in Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and The South African Republic. At the same time we have helped big corporates build up their innovation capability with Lean Startup tools and mindset. 

We are certain, that tomorrow's success can only be achieved by applying radically new mindsets, management practices and tools to today's businesses. By taking the best out of both worlds- the agility, risk appetite and resourcefulness of startups and the structured approach, experience and resources of mature companies- and mixing them together, some magic can happen. This is what drives us at ELEVATE.

Our Team

Liis Narusk
co-founder and ceo of Elevate
+372 56 503 553
Kai Isand
Member of the board at Garage48
Niko Porkka
Strategist at ELEVATE, serial entrepreneur and management consultant
Priit Salumaa
co-founder of Elevate, Mooncascade, Latitude59 and Garage48
Rain Rannu
co-founder of Elevate, Fortumo and Garage48
Martin Villig
co-founder of Elevate, Garage48 and Taxify

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